NJCMA Webinar-The 2020 Election Results: What Do They Mean for You and Your Club?

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The 2020 Election Results: What Do They Mean for You and Your Club?

January 19, 2020

10 am

Brad D. Steele, J.D.

Founder Private Club Consultants


There is no doubt 2020 will go down in history as an unprecedented election year. With the dust settled, what does it all mean for the growth and prosperity of the club industry?

In this presentation, we will delve into what happened in the presidential race and why. We'll also look at the Biden Administration's legislative priorities as well as federal regulations that will likely impact clubs starting January 20, 2021. Additionally, we will review key House and Senate races that determined control of Congress, and we'll discuss what Congress will do regarding tax policy, labor and employment law, immigration policy and environmental issues over the next two years. It seems clear the election results will bring major changes to Washington, which will mean major changes for clubs, their members and staff. This program will help you prepare for what could be a tough time for private clubs in the years to come.

The session's learning objectives are to:

1. Identify the main legislative and regulatory issues likely to impact clubs as a result of the elections,

2. Examine the new political dynamic in Washington as it relates to our industry's goals and needs, and

3. Provide industry leaders with the tools necessary to help protect and advance the industry moving forward.

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Brad D. Steele, J.D.

Founder Private Club Consultants

Brad Steele has been an integral part of the private club industry for nearly 15 years. He started Private Club Consultants (PCC) to provide in-depth legal and operational answers for America's top private clubs. Over the years, Brad has become one of the leading resources for the private club industry on legislative and regulatory matters.

Prior to opening Private Club Consultants, Brad served for over 12 years as the Vice President of Government Relations and General Counsel for the National Club Association. In that capacity, he directed legal and advocacy efforts for the club industry.

Brad first cut his teeth in Washington working for the Vice President of the United States, a member of Congress and a national political committee. He then studied law at Oxford University and earned his degree from the University of Oklahoma.

Upon graduation, he practiced law in Indiana and served as a county and city attorney as well as a judge of an Indiana court. While there, Brad returned to the political arena as a candidate for Congress and the Indiana State House of Representatives. Following his campaigns, he came back to Washington and has been helping private clubs ever since.

Brad is a featured speaker for club management and allied industries and his perspectives have been sought by leading industry periodicals as well as the national media. All told, his over 25 years of experience as an attorney and industry leader allows PCC to offer actionable advice to clubs ensuring they function within the law – even when the law is hard to understand.

For more information about Brad or to have him speak at your industry event, please contact him at steele@privateclubconsultants.net, call/text him at 703-395-5463 or connect with him at www.linkedin.com/in/BradSteelePCC


703.395.5463                steele@privateclubconsultants.net

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